Tastykake, freshly boxed.

Kake was just about to leap out of this box onto another unsuspecting cat when I snapped this pic.



Teeny Babies not so teeny anymore..

It seems like just yesterday that Sammy and Minerva were just tiny little puffballs I brought home. Sammy has been neutered, but tomorrow little Minerva(god, she’s so tiny–she’s not much bigger than this three-month old picture shows) goes to get spayed. Oh, god, I hope her momma can get through this–she probably will do just fine but I’ll be a nervous wreck.



We had to have a very special,very dear little kitty named P.W. put down last Saturday. He had the throat sore autoimmune disease (granulomas) and just couldn’t eat enough to survive even after multiple vet visits and treatments. He was withering away,and we had to end his suffering.
He is the tabby in this pic.đŸ˜¢
P.W., often known as “P-Dubs” and “P.W. Shipshape”, was a friend to everyone. He was one of those rare cats that liked ALL other cats, big or small, young or old. He would nurture little kittens, and rub on cranky old adults. Even in his last days he made every effort to still be his sweet, precious self. We will all miss you, little friend.