Besties. Liz and Jellybean,2014

This is my husband’s favorite picture. I had just had my third eye surgery, and Jellybean was keeping me company as I recovered. She was rolling around on my pillow being cute, and I snapped this photo. She really is my best friend.


Happy Bean, Even After Shots!


Miss Jellybean,Assistant Secretary, had her vaccinations yesterday, and despite what many pets go through after a shot, she is quite perky today. She loves to sit next to my warm laptop(she would prefer to be ON it, but I have to pull her off) and lick my hands while I am typing.

While most cats do not feel sick after getting shots, some mild side effects are not entirely uncommon. These mild effects typically subside within a few days. Keep an eye on your cat for reactions including slight fever, exhaustion, low energy, lack of appetite, swelling of the skin at the shot location, soreness and overall feelings of bodily weakness. If you spot any of these symptoms, to be on the safe side, notify your veterinarian.


Little longer out in the snow!


We are about to get some wintry weather here,and I am especially glad that this little girl is not going to be out in it.
Snowy was a feral cat that we trapped and had spayed, but she seemed as if she could be handled, so we brought her home. Although very skittish, she has turned out to have a rather bossy little way about her and lets you know when she’s ready for her supper.

She especially likes having a soft blankie in her bed.

We are able to trap and spay and neuter feral cats because of your kind donations. Every feral and stray cat that we take out of the gene pool is another unwanted litter prevented.