Baby Fiz’s GIANT MEOW!

This was a tiny kitten I rescued from a storm drain two years ago. My friend Patrick instantly fell in love with his Facebook pics and videos, and how could you not? So this wee red fluffball,now called Fizzgig, went to live with Patrick and now he is a great big fluffball! I’m not sure if his meowing abilities have improved, however.


Here he is in his new home, the first week. Stay tuned for updates on what a big beautiful boy he became!

Cute Baby Pics—-Tastykake!


This was taken in 2012. We had found a tiny kitten in the yard, in the dark and discovered she had been attacked by…something. She had a horrible hole in her head and was rushed immediately to a vet.


We got her all stitched up and took her home. This kitty became our beautiful Tastykake–very bossy and sure of herself, always into everything.

This, my friends, is one reason why we need your donations–so that when we find animals like this that need help, we can take immediate action.