Success Stories: Fizzgig!

Remember wee Fizzgig with the giant meow? Well, We would like to share a wonderful update with you.


This was Fiz when I first found him. I was feeding some feral cats at a station I have behind a restaurant. There is an uncovered storm drain in the woods, and I heard a pitiful screaming coming from that area. He was too tiny to climb out by himself, and I knew his mom couldn’t get him out either, because of the smooth cement sides. It was about six feet deep. I climbed in, not 100% sure how I was going to get back out, but I had to do something.


He ran back into the pipe a few times, but eventually seemed to understand I was there to help.Well, needless to say I got the little guy out, and despite being a feral kitten he showed complete trust in me and clung to me during the entire ordeal of hauling myself out of the concrete pit. He had some eye damage and of course was dirty and skinny. I plopped him into a storage bin I happened to have in the car and gave him some food, and took him to a vet.


After getting cleaned up, deflea-ed and wormed,he began to fill out into an absolutely adorable fluffy red butterball.


And here he is today! My friend Patrick couldn’t resist him either after seeing his pics on Facebook. Living luxuriously in his forever home, Fiz has a best kitty buddy named Verne and we are so happy for him.:)


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