Meet the Pets: “The Kittens”.


This is a group known as “The Kittens” although they are about five years old and each weigh probably fifteen pounds. There are four, but I couldn’t get a good pic of Ricky, the pretty orange boy. The others, in the above pic are:
Top: Ethel Mae and Fred
Bottom: Lucy

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Goodbye, Mr. Iz.


We had to say goodbye to one of our most dynamic and entertaining residents yesterday, Mr. Iz. he had a large cancerous growth in his bladder and had been having urinary tract issues for months. Once we learned about the growth, we decided it was time for him to have a peaceful ending with no pain.

He was one of the sloppiest eaters in the bunch, and always had something to say in his loooong, squawky meow. We often called him “Mr. Izzapants”.

He was a brave boy right to the end, and we will miss him dearly.

Where’s Wilkie?


Wilkie stays in the master bedroom during the day. He has to be isolated from other cats because he’s completely unable to get along with others, and not even in a mean way–he wants to play so very badly, but his idea of playing is biting other cats on the skull. He was very sickly as a baby and pretty much abandoned by his mother outdoors when a friend rescued him; I am fairly certain that his mother knew something wasn’t “right” about him.
Otherwise, he is a sweet and cuddly boy who loves human attention. He also loves to bury himself in my plush dinosaur collection. When I can’t find him, I remember to look there.