Jellybean’s Dirty Face!


No matter what style of bowl I get for Jellybean–deep, shallow, wide, narrow–she still always manages to get cat food crumbs all over her face, sometimes way up into her ear. Then she makes her way to wherever I am and gets up on the highest space next to me and looks up at me… I can clean her face.

I get a wet tissue and wipe all the schmutz off of her face, and she looks so pleased with herself during the procedure. 🙂

Can you find Tiny Clyde?


Apologies for the late post—it has been a grueling week dealing with mailouts and dealing with people coming to cut trees and shrubs and start fixing our drainage problems in the yard as well as a lot of work. I’m in my office today catching up on a few things, and as usual I have plenty of help. Can you find him? 🙂