About Us

The Pet Shelter, Inc. is a network of forever homes for cats and dogs,many being seniors and pets with special conditions.
We have rescued injured dogs and cats, and we have animals with a wide range of conditions; seizures,irritable bowel syndrome,eosinophilic granuloma complex,kidney problems,FIV and, in the past, leukemia.

Some of our animals have conditions that have made them unadoptable or are the reasons that someone gave them up in the first place.

All of these pets will spend the rest of their lives with us,unless otherwise stated–sometimes a particular dog or cat does get adopted— this is their home.

Mr. Iz loves to roll around on fresh blankies!


Scamper likes to hang out on the Wall of Carriers. Some of the carriers are old and have lost their doors, but we keep them—they make great cubbyholes for kitties to get in.


Part-Time and Theo are some of our oldest members.


Luigi does not get along very well with other cats, but loves people.


Special-Needs Kitty Jellybean(she has seizures) sleeps with us at night.


Previously feral cats Pickle and Snowy have really learned to enjoy being inside on nice soft blankets.