We had to have a very special,very dear little kitty named P.W. put down lastĀ Saturday. He had the throat sore autoimmune disease (granulomas) and just couldn’t eat enough to survive even after multiple vet visits and treatments. He was withering away,and we had to end his suffering.
He is the tabby in this pic.šŸ˜¢
P.W., often known as “P-Dubs” and “P.W. Shipshape”, was a friend to everyone. He was one of those rare cats that liked ALL other cats, big or small, young or old. He would nurture little kittens, and rub on cranky old adults. Even in his last days he made every effort to still be his sweet, precious self. We will all miss you, little friend.

RIP, Sweet Doggies.

Yesterday our four fading senior dogs, all from the same litter, had to be helped along to the Rainbow Bridge. Born to a small shaggy homeless dog in an abandoned trailer, these pups were looked after from day one by my stepdad until he could bring them home. He tried to capture the mother dog but never could. They have been dealing with cancer and stroke issues for a while and it was finally decided that their quality of life could not be made any better. So they came into this world together, and left it peacefully together. RIP, sweet pups.


WP_20150610_022 2

The AdventurousĀ One, who would steal your chewing gum if you weren’t careful.


Black Bubba
The laid-back one.


Yellow Bubba
The “Tough Guy”

The Sweetie,always ready to shake hands.