Hey There, Jellybean!


(sing to tune of “Hey There! Georgy Girl”)

Hey There! Jellybean
You are in the way, can’t see my screen.
I’ve got work to do, I can’t see
The laptop there, behind you!

Hey There! Jellybean
Stepping on the keyboard left and right..
How did you delete that file? Now how do I get it back?
You’re always bumbling around, you just can’t make up your mind..
Stop shedding on my computer and MOVE…your little butt.

Hey There! Jellybean
You’re my bestest buddy in the world
You’re so full of love for me and
oh what you mean to me…
The world must see my sweet Jellybean!

Hey There! Jellybean
Guess I’ll get my work done later on..
Life is lovely and I see, you can’t push your loved ones away.
Just stay right here,I’ll hold you here on my lap
It’s time for getting down off my desk a little bit.


Meet the Pets! Bobbi Cat!

Bobbi Cat

Bobbi is a very, very sweet but very skittish little cat that we caught outside, having been feeding her for several weeks. She also has no tail, but we are not sure if she is a Manx or just simply a kitty born with no tail. She doesn’t even have a stub..there is nothing there! But what a cutie she is. You have to hold her an extremely weird and particular way, almost like a violin, so that she can rub her chin on your shoulder, which she does with great relish. 🙂