The Good, the Bad and the Fuzzy.


This is pretty much what it’s like around here all the time; Jellybean is sitting there being good and Tiny Clyde is being an urchin–in this case, getting into my purse.


Cat Help: Putting Up Shelves!


Steve is putting up some extra shelves for me in my workshop. I want a little more space for my collections of natural objects as well as a place to put my favorite painting brushes that Tiny Clyde can’t reach. My brushes are special to me and I like to display them in neat jars and vases. Unfortunately, Tiny Clyde thinks brush bristles are delicious and he will eat them.
Above, you can see Steve measuring out where to put the screws in the shelves; Tiny Clyde has his eye on the little screwdriver on the floor. Jellybean supervises.


Tiny Clyde decides he can help more efficiently by holding the shelf down.


Jellybean makes sure the shelf goes on the wall in the correct place.


Then she goes to the opposite wall to work on her own little art project she’s had going for a while. 🙂

Jellybean’s Dirty Face!


No matter what style of bowl I get for Jellybean–deep, shallow, wide, narrow–she still always manages to get cat food crumbs all over her face, sometimes way up into her ear. Then she makes her way to wherever I am and gets up on the highest space next to me and looks up at me… I can clean her face.

I get a wet tissue and wipe all the schmutz off of her face, and she looks so pleased with herself during the procedure. 🙂