Where’s Wilkie?


Wilkie stays in the master bedroom during the day. He has to be isolated from other cats because he’s completely unable to get along with others, and not even in a mean way–he wants to play so very badly, but his idea of playing is biting other cats on the skull. He was very sickly as a baby and pretty much abandoned by his mother outdoors when a friend rescued him; I am fairly certain that his mother knew something wasn’t “right” about him.
Otherwise, he is a sweet and cuddly boy who loves human attention. He also loves to bury himself in my plush dinosaur collection. When I can’t find him, I remember to look there.

Baby Fiz’s GIANT MEOW!

This was a tiny kitten I rescued from a storm drain two years ago. My friend Patrick instantly fell in love with his Facebook pics and videos, and how could you not? So this wee red fluffball,now called Fizzgig, went to live with Patrick and now he is a great big fluffball! I’m not sure if his meowing abilities have improved, however.


Here he is in his new home, the first week. Stay tuned for updates on what a big beautiful boy he became!