Meet the Pets: Misty!

WP_20150504_012Misty was trapped as a feral cat and although she is very skittish, she is extremely sweet. She loves clean laundry day!


Meet the Pets: Dudley!


Dudley was a dog that we found wandering up and down the road for weeks until we finally caught him. He turned out to be a totally lovable goofball once he got over his fear of people. His fur had been a dingy yellow, but now has deepened to a nice honey color. He loves to stand on top of his doghouse and bark at the birds that sit in the  oak tree overhead.

Meet the Pets! Bobbi Cat!

Bobbi Cat

Bobbi is a very, very sweet but very skittish little cat that we caught outside, having been feeding her for several weeks. She also has no tail, but we are not sure if she is a Manx or just simply a kitty born with no tail. She doesn’t even have a stub..there is nothing there! But what a cutie she is. You have to hold her an extremely weird and particular way, almost like a violin, so that she can rub her chin on your shoulder, which she does with great relish. 🙂