Bored Kitties.

WP_20140506_007This is an old photo, but it’s pretty much what they are doing right now in this ¬†heat–cats melting everywhere.


“I guess he’s okay.”


I always try to let people know that most often a new cat will accept or at least tolerate another cat(and sometimes that does require an adjustment here and there on the part of their humans), but it takes much more time and patience than introducing dogs–dogs are pack animals, cats are not. I am a strong believer that most cats like company;still, you cannot immediately expect cats to sort things out in a day or two.
In August of 2013,I found wee Oogie abandoned in the woods; after bringing him home I thought he might make an ideal companion for Jellybean. There was the usual hissing and pouting from the established cat(Jellybean) and the overenthusiastic gestures of “let’s play!” from the new kitten(Oogie) and it did take them a few weeks, but before long, I caught them sharing a bed on occasion(before Oogie grew to twice her size!)
If you look closely at this photo you can see that Oogie’s foot is on Jellybean’s¬†shoulder.