Happy Thanksgiving! May Your Plate Be Full!


This plate is full of Snowy. I was just getting ready to feed everyone their canned food, and she got her plate all picked out. 🙂


Ebony and Ivory!


Here is little Snowy with Barnabas. I am so disappointed that Snowy’s tiny gray “toupee” has almost faded away, but it always seems like white cats with a gray blotch on top of the head only have it for a short while.

Little Snowy..no longer out in the snow!


We are about to get some wintry weather here,and I am especially glad that this little girl is not going to be out in it.
Snowy was a feral cat that we trapped and had spayed, but she seemed as if she could be handled, so we brought her home. Although very skittish, she has turned out to have a rather bossy little way about her and lets you know when she’s ready for her supper.

She especially likes having a soft blankie in her bed.

We are able to trap and spay and neuter feral cats because of your kind donations. Every feral and stray cat that we take out of the gene pool is another unwanted litter prevented.